• Meliora - "Ever Better"

    Meliora - "Ever Better"

    Meliora Service Dogs - Ever Better!

  • Dogs for those that served.

    Dogs for those that served.

    We make Service Dogs and training a reality for Veterans, First Responders and their children,

Help us train Service Dogs for Veterans, First Responders and their families.

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Registered Canadian Charity # 724345137RR001

Meliora Service Dogs is an approved Service Dog supplier and trainer in the Province of Alberta

Meliora - Latin for "Ever Better"

We are a registered Not-for-Profit / Charity operating throughout Canada. We are 100% volunteer and veteran-run and directed. We have only essential expenses, which ensures that donations made towards MELIORA go directly to supporting our veterans, first responders and their family. 




To relieve conditions associated with disability by giving ongoing support, and making specially trained service dogs a reality, for people suffering from mental or physical disabilities including, but not limited to, brain injured veterans, first responders as well as affected family members, with a view to improving their independence as well as their physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Follow this heading for the link to the Service Dog Trainers Toolkit. This toolkit is used by the Meliora Service Dog Trainers. This toolkit is for Service Dog Organizations and informs service dog trainers about recovery from substance use problems and the important role of peer support and connection for the wellness of their Veteran dog handlers diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is an outside project used by the Meliora Service Dog Trainers.
The United States of America has created new rules for travelling to their country with your dog. Service Dogs are included in the rules. The rules take effect on August 1 2024.

We have years of experience

Between all of our trainers, there are decades of experience in dealing with Veterans, First Responders, their families and their dogs. If you are one of them and feel like a service dog could help you out, or if you just have questions, then 

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