We have recently implemented a new style for our Meliora Service Dog ID cards.  The reason that we did this is to be in line with government card standards. Service Dog cards should show both the Dog and the Handler.  This assures that only the certified handler and the person needing the Service Dog, is able to show they have the right to be in public.  Our Service Dog Teams are regularly re-certified. If a Team fails they are not permitted to use their card in public. Changing our card style is another benefit to ensuring the integrity off our program by making sure that only Certified or In-Training Teams can use our cards to access public places.  

It is possible that the old style cards may be used for the next couple of weeks. (Until late Sept 2024)   If you are unsure about one of our Service Dog Teams, please check this website to make sure there is a card here for that team.


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